Price of gold

Price of gold

Per troy oz * $ 1277.1000
Your value (purchase price) * $ 1277.1000
* Indicated price is for reference only and subject to local fees
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Import & Export

Smaragd purchases and exports gold. Purchasing is done at the secure buying location(s). We have full on-site armed security, security cameras, and the watchful eye of the customer ensures that the gold is handled in the right way.

Exporting is done by following foreign exchange commission procedures, and is handled door to door by renowned foreign companies with many years of experience.

Surmac Cat

CKC Machinehandel Surmac N.V. (Surmac) was established in 1957, mainly to provide the industry in Suriname with high-quality technical equipment. Surmac has been involved in all major sectors of the economy such as mining, utilities, forestry, government, marine, oil and gas, manufacturing, agriculture, (heavy) construction.
Since 1941 Kersten has been the official authorized Caterpillar dealer in Suriname.

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See some various gold rich areas in Suriname below. Most of the gold we buy and export is mined in these locations.

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